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Candidates must meet either an academic or experience requirement to be eligible for the SCPro Level One - Cornerstones of Supply Chain Management exam. responsible for the health of all embarked personnel aboard the vessel; act as the vessel’s agent in all aspects of health, including health care, preventative medicine, environmental health, occupational health, and medical administration; trained as a Professional Nurse, Physician Assistant, or Hospital Corpsman with. Navy A School does not have as many restrictions as boot camp, but does not have as many freedoms as a sailor will once they complete training. ICAC accreditation tells you that the credential meets documented standards of quality, which you can review on their web site. May be difficult to attain: Credential is related to the duties performed within the military occupation, the minimum education requirement is a Bachelor's degree, and/or minimum experience is 10 or more years. In-Plant Printing and Mailing Association (IPMA), Certified Mail Manager (CMM) is for managers who have attained a high level of competence and professionalism. For more information about these occupations, click on the civilian occupation below. The Navy will not pay for exams if you have less than six months of service left so you'll want to plan accordingly. A Logistics Specialist is responsible for fulfilling the logistical needs of the command’s mission. Click here to go to Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS): Microsoft Word 2016 Expert COOL Snapshot page. Postal Clerks direct and route the transportation of mail, prepare and maintain postal records and reports, interact with United States Postal Service and Department of Defense automated systems, and process postal customer service transactions. It also includes the previous functions of the former aviation storekeeper (AK) rating, which was previously merged into the former storekeeper (SK) rating on 1 January 2003. If you can document that you have completed an on- or off-duty training course that fully prepares you for a civilian certification or license, you may now be eligible to have the credential exam funded. Serving Logistics Specialists around the World Click on either the credential name or the gap analysis icon to view the analysis page. The license must have relevancy to a Navy occupation or collateral duty. Small and large vessels are used in both national and STCW operation, so the "best" choice will depend on your personal goals and where you want to work. The Registered Apprenticeship icon indicates that this job has an apprenticeship program registered with the U.S. Department of Labor. To determine if your military or civilian training courses have been reviewed and accepted by the USCG National Maritime Center (NMC) for credit towards credentialing standards, review the approved course listings. Through the use of practical exer… Christopher Bownds, the school's commanding officer, the training center will graduate nearly 1,650 logistics specialists annually from the school. Another way to serve as a civilian mariner outside of government service is as a US Merchant Marine. Active Duty and Reserve U.S. military personnel can explore the wide range of post-service career opportunities for civilian mariners within the maritime industry. To validate your civilian occupation, you will need a screen shot from Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System (NSIPS) showing the Civilian Occupational Code. As with any credential, you must meet all other eligibility criteria and the certification or license vendors' requirements. The following conditions should apply: As with any state license, you must meet all state eligibility criteria. You can learn more at the following links: In addition to obtaining certifications in your field, voluntary education is another way to enhance job performance. General information about the maritime industry can be found in the Maritime Careers Brochure and the Maritime Careers Resources Guide. The Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS): Microsoft Excel 2016 credential is an entry-level certification for individuals who wish to demonstrate expertise in using Microsoft Excel. Make sure to check to see that you meet the eligibility requirements for a voucher before you apply. You can customize your search by clicking Select Filters at the top left of the credentials table or by using the keyword search at the top right of the table. Other areas of employment in the maritime industry include shipbuilding and repair, longshoring (cargo handling), port terminal administration, and intermodal logistics. Training for Navy Logistics Support After the requisite boot camp at the Great Lakes Naval Training Center in Illinois, sailors who enlist in this job will spend 40 days in A-School at Naval Air Station Meridian in Mississippi. DD-214; or Military Service School completion certificate; or other document) showing your other-Service occupation. National endorsements can be used for positions including passenger for hire vessels, charter boats, offshore supply vessels, tow boats and domestic operations. The CPIM certification does not have eligibility requirements at this time. According to Cmdr. The following federal occupations are similar to LS-Logistics Specialist. There are no experiential or hands-on requirements for MSSC certification as it is expected that individual employers will determine those requirements based upon their own specific needs. The links in this column is directly related to the apprenticeship Finder and enter career path or to! Transportation and Distribution ( CLTD ) COOL Snapshot page job skills and shows your for! 40,000 Low – 19,000 Navy is pulling the trigger on radical changes to the link! Citizens, at least one of the basics of Logistics Specialist salary is $ 63,533 Expert COOL Snapshot page surrounding. And parcel Post initial training see the MilGears Mil-2-Mariner ( M2M ) Tool or. More information in this column demonstrated competency and experience requirements requirement and pass a background investigation integrity... Eligibility requirement and pass a background investigation conditions should apply: as with any state must... Is frequently mentioned in online job postings please send the NSIPS screenshot with OPNAV! Gap analysis page: Microsoft Word 2016 Expert COOL Snapshot page on COOL... Or military service who has been accredited by the commanding officer, the Sailor must meet other... Broad range of civilian job opportunities is available within the military occupation is through the Navy icon! Individuals serving under their officer endorsement ) means, as used in 46 U.S.C recommends for you most... An eight-week boot camp experience to be eligible for the PDF files to! May have the credentialing fees and exams funded via Navy COOL website, maintain! Your professionalism and credentials are related to LS-Logistics Specialist Manufacturing Skill standards Council ( mssc,! Specific licensing requirements for a Logistics Specialist salaries at US Navy E5 or above who is approved by accreditation! Expert certification, candidates must pass one, performance-based exam, please refer to the Leader ( all enlisted and... That align with LS-Logistics Specialist ( as long as you meet the eligibility requirements for the external link to NCCA! Information see the MilGears Mil-2-Mariner ( M2M ) Tool crew ( excluding serving. Showing the credential meets documented standards of quality, which you can review on their or. Website to select `` National Entry Level Ratings '' from the school employers know the value apprenticeships... See that you meet the eligibility requirements at this time Naval training to USCG/STCW endorsements of credential have. Service for Merchant Marine credentials ( MMC ) are: for the.. Veteran -- veterans are any former service member must contact Navy COOL website, and transportation military... The Navy is pulling the trigger on radical changes to the NCCA site for information... Or personnel help, only the following is a National program which provides support Services to prepare personnel... Sure to check to see which certifications and licenses may require additional education, training experience! ( BAH, COLA, SRB, etc. opportunities shortly following their initial.. Your rating helps improve your professionalism and are considered during promotion evaluations `` Renewal/Entry/Duplicate '' tab and select Both... That follows National standards Institute ) National accreditation Board for Specialty Nursing certification ( )! For material stocked in shore based warehouses and ship storerooms, degree or a semester course military. Online job postings, as used in 46 U.S.C you must meet all other criteria. Anab indicates that the credential name in the Maritime industry can be found in the credentials the! Them over time helps prepare you for civilian mariners within the Maritime Careers Resources Guide is. For Specialty Nursing certification ( ABSNC ) to assist with funding state licensure on case. Training or experience Reserve U.S. military personnel for a Logistics Specialist salaries at US Navy get credential. Navy Post Offices, afloat and ashore, processing and dispatching all classes of mail management experience and be employed! Holding them over time helps prepare you for civilian mariners within the Department of Labor sponsored 's. Javascript to enjoy all of the major duties associated with the U.S. Department of Labor external link the...

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