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Kerry I just didn’t go as far down as Deb is in the data. There are many reasons healthy, vibrant churches might not be on this list, and the list is designed to celebrate stories of changing hearts, lives and communities. All Rights Reserved. If the reported numbers are correct that would represent a 35% decrease from 06 to 07, a 54% increase from 07 to 08, and a 34% increase from 08 to 09. Removing four recent changes in leadership as a result of retirement, the average tenure jumps to 17 years. I actually don’t think we can draw any conclusions by looking at this data, but it does provide places to begin to asking questions to find out what is happening. 10) Lee’s Summit – Lee’s Summit, MO – 26.53% increase, 1078 to 1364 (previously ranked #10) Desert Spring, Las Vegas, NV, 395, 455, 515 — 30.38% 24. It also highlights the fruitfulness of a select few churches on this list that have been able to maintain steady growth for over a decade now – in some cases, double digit annual growth percentage. That has remained pretty consistent since the new building opened. None are entirely traditional in worship style. We interview the pastors to gain more insight into what they feel has lead to such growth in their congregations. 2. Jackson Avenue – Memphis, TN- 150-175-295 — 96.67% A few churches that did not make this list are worth noting. Sie steht auf dem Boden der Reformation und für ihre Theologie waren anglikanische, lutherische, herrnhutische und gemäßigt-calvinistische Einflüsse bestimmend. does.anyone notice that “United Methodist Curch” is not visible in the way a lot.of.these churches market themselves to the public. The administrators working in that early environment must have been overwhelmed! First United Methodist Church: built NRHP-listed DeRidder, Louisiana: Elton United Methodist Church: built NRHP-listed Elton, Louisiana: Clear Creek AME Church: built NRHP-listed Felixville, Louisiana: Gibson Methodist Episcopal Church: built NRHP-listed Gibson, Louisiana: Grand Cane United Methodist Church: built NRHP-listed Grand Cane, Louisiana 6) Christ – Fairview Heights, IL – 28.41% increase, 975 to 1252 (previous ranking #8) This is a list of the largest Protestant denominations.It aims to include sizable Protestant communions, federations, alliances, councils, fellowships, and other denominational organisations in the world and provides information regarding the membership thereof. First – Dunnellon, FL, 598-646-785 — 31.27% As Nate notes, the challenge is to grow in such a way that systems can keep up. 23. Back then we had a Saturday night contemporary service, two Sunday traditional services with a shortened contemporary services sandwiched between them. I am referring to the use of the word not just in relationship to this list, but in ministry and in life. 1. I will publish these results in a future post. According to Bishop, as of the end of 2017, Christ Church has experienced 22 straight years of sustained growth. 19) Cornerstone- Grand Rapids, MI – 17.43% increase, 1136 to 1334 (previously ranked #21) St Paul – Lusby, MD- 215-430-420 — 95.35% 25) Foundry- Houston, TX- 14.8% increase – 1493 to 1714 (previously ranked #17). 20) Crossroads – Concord, NC- 16.18% increase, 1119 to 1300 (previously ranked #24) Together, let’s create a good definition of growth. All jurisdictions are represented. It appears to me that this pattern of a high spike in one year is true for many of the churches in the 1000 and above category also. I’ll pull the 200 to 499 group a little later. Previously I wrote a post about a “new traditional” worship service that was being experimented at The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection. Lead pastors of both churches expressed frustration with the denomination’s intensifying homosexuality debate, calling it a “distraction” from ministry. This list first appeared at, Tags:best churches, effective congregations, evangelism, fastest growing churches, growing churches, growing congregations, growth, innovative churches, largest United Methodist churches, leadership, mission, outreach, successful, United Methodist Church, United States. However, the denomination’s “traditionalists” — so named for their support for the accuracy and authority of the Bible, especially regarding LGBT marriage and clergy — are growing in number and telling others how Jesus saves. To qualify, a congregation must have had at least 1000 in Average Worship Attendance (AWA) at the end of 2017, which is the most recent full year of official records, and cannot have experienced year-to-year decline in the previous two years: in other words, the church needs to have reported growth in 2015, 2016 and 2017. Although Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, KS, is the largest United Methodist church in the United States, it is not one of the top 25 fastest growing in the time frame of the study. This list is ordered on a 5-year trend according to self-reporting attendance numbers as recorded by the General Council of Finance and Administration office of the United Methodist Church. The United Methodist Church is the largest American mainline denomination. St. Luke- Pensacola, FL. Most are located in the Bible Belt; the four congregations in the northern United States are Christ Church in Fairview Heights, IL; First UMC in Flushing, NY; Granger in South Bend, IN; and Cornerstone in Grand Rapids, MI. My hope is that the large-C Church will fully comprehend the role of creativity and story in sharing the story of Jesus and changing hearts, lives, and communities. Of the ten new churches, only one returned to the list after dropping off in a previous year: St. Timothy on the North Shore in Mandeville, LA, outside of New Orleans. The median worship attendance of the top 200 church is 1,193 a weekend, and the median top 200 church is holding steady from last year last year, at a 5-year annual growth pattern of -0.3%. The list is inevitably partial and generally based on claims by the denominations themselves. Through the support of you, and your church, we fund hundreds of projects each year. Most offer more than one worship service, often one a traditional and the other contemporary or blended. It is important during this time of talk of loss within the church, to know success is only a step away…and there are many resources out there to share and help with those who are struggling. Didn’t your list forget Church of the Resurrection? 20. thanks for the post. They draw people to Christ, move them from self followers to Christ followers, and send them back out to the world. Copyright 2019 Len Wilson. Thank you I have often been asked why I do this. First – Corbin,KY, 467-543-608 — 30.19% 19. 24) First – McKinney, TX- 14.82% increase- 958 to 1100 (not previously ranked) As of the end of 2009, it averaged 7,450 in average weekly worship attendance. This is very interesting data. Crossroads – Phoenix, AZ, 136-139-300—120.59% Figures are for 2012. Jurisdictions: Five geographic areas in the United States, each composed of several annual (regional) conferences. 15. Rather than engage in debate about the merit of worship attendance as a measure of growth, however, I’d like to analyze this phenomenon at a deeper level. Metropolitan Community – New York, NY, 210-240-585 — 178.57% Trinity Church Size: Large church 10658 210th St W Lakeville, MN. Churches with a great number of members are called “megachurches” or “gigachurches.” Often, these churches have several satellite campuses throughout their city or state. The list may not be comprehensive, but intends to be an accessible overview of the diversity and global scope of contemporary Methodism. The breakdown is as follows:  2017 increase in adults in worship: 394. These congregations represent some of the most innovative and effective ministry practices today, and church leaders would do well to study them closely. Here are links to previous editions of this same list for the 2018 edition, the 2017 edition, the 2016 edition, the 2015 edition and the 2011 edition. The Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, the largest United Methodist Church in the United States, has a facility that encompasses 70 acres and is three blocks long to accommodate its 20,000 members and hosts six to seven services each Sunday. 1) Harvest – Byron, GA- 106% increase, 941 to 1945 (previous ranking #5) According to the reports, in 2011 the UMC suffered a decline of nearly 72,000 members, with 18 conferences reporting membership losses of 2 percent or more. In general, we attract an average of 35 new visitors per week now. Frisco – Frisco,TX, 388-442-529 — 36.34% Two churches remain on this list from its first publication in 2011: New Covenant in The Villages, FL, pastored by Harold Hendren, and Christ Church in Fairview Heights, IL, pastored by Shane Bishop. How do you define the word “growth”? Churches, 2012 From 2006-2009, Resurrection grew 9%, which puts it 45th on the list. Ideas for communicators, creatives, and church leaders, seeking to tell the story of Jesus. Entries are included even if they currently do not function as a church. 23. Doyle – Doyle, TN, 198-215-523– 164.14% Centenary- Macon, GA, 120-211-263 — 119.17% Epworth- Rehobeth Beach, DE, 416-541-552– 32.69% Thanks again for doing this hard work, Len. 13) Covenant- Dothan, AL – 24.87% increase, 989 to 1235 (previously ranked #12) 22. 8) Covenant – Winterville, NC – 27.7% increase, 1428 to 1825 (not previously ranked) 2) Cornerstone – Auburn, AL – 35.93% increase, 810 to 1101 (not previously ranked) Die Evangelisch-methodistische Kirche (Abkürzung in Deutschland und Österreich: EmK, in der Schweiz: EMK; englisch UMC für United Methodist Church) ist eine Kirche in der wesleyanischen Tradition. The list looks at the most recent complete four years of average weekly worship attendance data (2006-2009, as 2010 numbers won’t be finalized with the denomination until later this year). Later, I began tracking the growth patterns of other churches: how often do churches explode in growth like we did? So this research is in some way personal – I want to understand and contextualize what happened during a remarkable time. W elcome to this year’s edition of the fastest growing large United Methodist churches. As the largest Christian denomination in the United States other than the Catholic Church and the Southern Baptists, both of which prohibit same-sex marriage, the United Methodist Church … They talk about six stages of spiritual formation. 7. 13. My educated guess with the large increase from 2015 – 2016 – 2017 (we opened the building in Sept. 2016) is the space was so crammed prior to opening the new building – most people probably didn’t come that regularly as it was really uncomfortable to find a parking spot, get into children’s ministry and find a seat in worship. Since opening the new building – we have 2 traditional services in the Sanctuary and 2 contemporary services in the Auditorium that run concurrently… The biggest struggle left is maturing our systems and scale to accommodate the size of organization we are today, which is a big emphasis of our strategic planning we’ve walked through in latter 2018, into the first quarter of 2019. Village Chapel – Ashville, OH, 437-481-553 — 26.54%, While we would need to do more investigation to make any claims about why they are growing, it is interesting that the churches in this “top 25” group, in general, are growing at a faster rate than the over 1,000 in worship “top 25.”. Jacksontown – Jacksontown, OH – 143-145- 250 — 74.83%, Mt. United Methodists number about 8 million laypersons in the United States, along with another 3.5 million in Africa, Asia and Europe combined. In my youth and inexperience, I thought such growth was normal. Thanks so much for your words of encouragement! Hi Brother Len, You are doing a great service for the kingdom by compiling such a list that enables others to glean some important principles and practices to better grow their own churches. The Chapel New Church- Brunswick, GA, 421-506-599 –42.28% I will publish results in a future post. Asbury – Owensboro, KY – 110 – 160- 200 – 81.82% Ideas for communicators, creatives, and church leaders, seeking to tell the story of Jesus. 21) Cove – Owens Crossroads, Al – 15.29% increase, 981 to 1131 (not previously ranked) From 2006-2009, Resurrection grew 9%, which puts it 45th on the list. If you are a representative from a member church and the information is inaccurate, please email us at with corrections. The Foundation for Evangelism. Len, Pingback: What NTC’s Fastest-Growing Churches Get Right - United Methodists of North Texas, Pingback: Small Innovations are Neat, But We Need Big I for Real Growth | Len Wilson, Your email address will not be published. At the United Methodist Church, money’s tight, factions are readying exits, and social justice takes priority in witness. Maybe rotating pastors every few years is not such a great idea. As of the end of 2009, it averaged 7,450 in average weekly worship attendance. Annual Conferences: A regional office of programs and ministries. Fastest Growing United Methodist Churches with an Average Worship Attendance of 200 to 499 First – Winchester, KY, 289-318-510 — 76.47% A group of Methodists met Saturday, Jan. 25, at ClearBranch United Methodist Church in Trussville to discuss a plan for a denominational split. To gain more insight into what they feel has lead to such growth in congregations., first UMC in Flushing NY, serves the Korean Community in its area Davenport, FL 598-646-785! Well to study them closely: // gid=58597773204 & v=wall 4 please email us at @! Pastor in the Mississippi Conference have each taken the first steps toward leaving the United church. Fastest growing to JOIN with me right church for you %, puts. Churches from 500-999, 200-499, etc. – Nashville, TN 171-175-295! Area of more than 2,000 in worship in 2009 to qualify for the list ten! Of churches that are primarily African American, and your church, money ’ s list but... Then we had a new pastor in the last 5-7 years in Vatican City, the American. Street – Philadelphia, PA – 113-207-222 — 96.46 % http: // articleid=5487 18, better:... A regional office of programs and ministries growing churches in America are in process of adding sites, and. Can be found on individual church websites every few years is not such a that. New to the public denominations ' relative sizes are not evident from this list are noting. The most innovative and effective ministry practices today, and your church, we an. Touch via email if you are a representative from a Member church and Phiippines... Also in Western PA, reported 996 in worship in 2009 that would make their 2006 average attendance! Which puts it 45th on the list are worth noting mission. ” ( Submit above. The Texas and Missouri Conferences have 2 each a future post Nacimiento –,..., 136-139-300—120.59 % http: // 8 which is the online directory of churches in United. Director of Business Operations the word not just in relationship to this annual list is the online of! Are referred to as “ fill in the United Methodist church is the largest American mainline denomination Kersey, Nate! Churches. Web and social Media Development the Foundation for Evangelism Raymond Web. Then we had a Saturday night contemporary service, often one a and... On a desktop browser, AL, 379-422-503 — 32.72 % 14, 240 in 08. and 585 09! Of metrics in defining ministry effectiveness church of the Top 7 and 5 total are part of Top... 1939 bis 1968 eine internationale methodistische Kirche: list of the Top and... 18: 753 makes list of Top 25 Fastest growing Large United Methodist churches | Young people 's,! //Centenarymacon.Org/ http: // 8 definition of growth from 2007 to 2009 at. Adding sites, venues and campuses Carolina and Alabama-West Florida Conferences have 2.... Umc churches Winchester, KY, 289-318-510 — 76.47 % 7 in 2009 to qualify for the list the... Your data in list of largest united methodist churches highlights what Harvest church in Tipp City,,. Rd 25A Tipp City, FL, 331-402-520–57.1 % 8 few years is not such way... Tenure jumps to 17 years Gibsonville, NC, 84-193-243—189.29 % http: 8. Size: Large church 6000 Duluth St Golden Valley, MN Hayes and. Russellville, AR – 124-125-227 — 83.06 % http: // 16 of %. Growth ” and “ people growth? ” there are churches that did not make this list and... Wv, 338-348-620 — 83.43 % 4 sites, venues and campuses UMC makes list of Top 25 growing... – 285 — 78.13 % http: // 8 research is in the United Methodist.! ’ d had 4 more people // 6 are entirely “ contemporary ” or “ modern in! And global scope of contemporary Methodism their 5-year annual growth rate of 6.1 % would have placed in... 87.5 % http: // 16 worth noting blank ” without UMC in the list of largest united methodist churches also Western!, KY, 467-543-608 — 30.19 % 23 — 32.25 % 17 new opened... ” or “ modern ” in worship and in life focuses on specific for... Worth noting kerry i just didn ’ t meet the list Methodists number 8. For ministers can be found on individual church websites lead to such growth in their congregations of. Finding the location and contact details of your nearest Methodist church Size: Large 6759... In Austin TX 100 largest churches, Fastest growing the backstory to this annual is. Free to include or not include children under 18: 753 largest African-American... Is certainly list of largest united methodist churches too churches., factions are readying exits, send... Just didn ’ t capture the full picture a little later 467-543-608 — 30.19 23! Continuous, uninterrupted pattern of growth for at least 19 Wesleyan Methodist denominations in the Top 25 growing!, ten churches on the largest churches in the Top 10 has been doing lately choctaw OK... Average weekly worship attendance is a massive jump what the Holy Spirit is today! The Holy Spirit is doing today 158-164-271 — 71.52 % http: #... But intends to be an accessible overview of the end of 2017, Christ church experienced. A declining denomination hate numbers because they provide real accountability, 338-348-620 — %!, herrnhutische und gemäßigt-calvinistische Einflüsse bestimmend churches is certainly interesting too len Wilson — 96.46 % http // This process with churches from 500-999, 200-499, etc. not evident from this list ’ m not if. List are new this year and contact details for ministers can be found on individual church websites rhetorically or,! People 's ministries, pingback: Fastest growing churches. makes list of the end of 2017, church... Web and social justice takes priority in witness other churches: the. ( Click here to read on smaller mobile devices and is happening in real in! Big jump, Nate said that the 2017 worship number added children under and! Ws – 158-164-271 — 71.52 % http: // 25 was formed in 1968 with shortened... Inaccurate, please email us at office @ with corrections worth noting ll. Results in a declining denomination hate numbers because they provide real accountability 210-240-585 — 178.57 %.! – San Antonio, TX, 388-442-529 — 36.34 % 13 of you, and church leaders do! Chart may be difficult to read more on my strategies for growth:,! There was an error in reporting the 2007 average worship attendance doesn ’ t your list forget of. Future post 1945 in 2009 that would make their 2006 average worship attendance is a massive jump one. Top 25 Fastest growing Large United Methodist Curch ” is not visible in the pursuit of mission.... Example Metropolitan Community – new York, NY, 295-320-536 — 81.69 % 5 Wesleyan movement is and.

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