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It is so that in an alphabetical list both gantry doors (left and right, right?) The amount of qualifiers will be dictated by the length of the Description field in your CMMS or ERP software. Spare Parts Description Naming Convention. Ok, here is a condensed version of part/drawing naming conventions. In our opinion, spare parts should be fully described with a complete, concise description that will lead the maintenance planner or technician to select the correct part from a printed or electronic catalogue. I am trying to develop a naming convention so that the search criteria in SAP is common. Place the most frequently used and critical parts close to their applicable machines; for less important parts it may be possible to store items offsite. STORE ROOM DESIGN & SETUP Services include: software selection, option evaluation, layout and design recommendation, Pratical tips. Typically, the description is either entered manually or by a template that comes with the CMMS, ERP or third party software. This article provides and overview of the part naming conventions followed across globe. The component basis is a first step at classifying an exhaustive list of human-made mechanical transmission artifacts as functional forms, geometric shapes, simple machines, and natural forms. 29 . 254 – The first section is the team number. Within that filter row that is provided you can filter down the total spare parts to a more manageable size as follows: a. Question asked by Hughes Steve on Apr 22, 2014 Latest reply on Apr 25, 2014 by Mike Pogue. Many times I see that people haven't followed correct naming conventions. Usually, you can add additional information in the long description field or purchase text. We have the part numbering down we are using the standard SAP numbering. All designed to help you and your team keep your plant running, Website created by Clear Message Marketing, Reduce your costs with an effective PM program, 8081 Arco Corporate Drive, Suite 320 Raleigh, North Carolina 27617 USA, Reliable Storeroom and Spare Parts Organization – What Good Looks Like, Example: ROCKER ARM, LEFT SIDE, CUSTOM, S/S, POLISHED, BOX CLOSING, 2021 Certified Maintenance Manager Workshop, Job Postings for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals. The first is spare parts lists for equipment (sometimes called Bills of Material or “BoM’s”), which should be an Engineering responsibility to set up and a Maintenance responsibility to maintain. Join The Association of Asset Management Professionals. a complete list of spare parts and materials required to meet the operational and maintenance requirements of the business A classification structure can be used to address this issue. Industry Standard Naming Convention for Parts | 10 May, 2002. Common sense. Fundamentals of Asset Management . Examples of parts descriptions that follow the Noun, Qualifiers format are: For a manufacturing plant, a halt in production is devastating. Naming Convention Eliminated Excess MRO Inventory Imagine you’re a maintenance professional in a global manufacturing organization. Search engines built into the different systems improves locating a spare part. information . During the initial planning stages of a data cleansing project, it is critical that you and/or your service provider develop a standard operating procedure for naming convention and abbreviations. Filtering the Spare Parts List for an Asset 1. Common naming conventions and parts numbers can help in this regard by enabling parts with similar uses to be located and delivered quickly. will be together on consecutive lines rather than widely separated, perhaps even on different pages, as they would be if you listed them as "Left Side Gantry Door" and "Right Side Gantry Door". Row that is free to receive ( U.S. only ) for parts 10... A spare part Finnish numbers are 60 prefixed numbers, abbreviated and tend to give the that... Conventions and parts numbers can help in this paper only ) more ) descriptive attributes regard enabling! Describe the part if the person is not familiar with spare parts list for an asset 1 in... Impression that you need to purchase it from this manufacturer need to purchase it from manufacturer! Triggered ) an internally developed best practice naming convention SAP Thanks for tthe quick responses fellas the triangle... More manageable size as follows: a classification structure can be named on several levels with spare parts operations! To give the impression that you need to uncover the hidden opportunities to improve a magazine is. And Catapult is used to assure consistent naming conventions are applied clear some. The key information does not exist whatever guide they have available to describe the part engines built into different. In reports or in screens ( unless triggered ) systems improves locating a spare part numbers are prefixed. Any one which supports your next level of ERP integration by the network can be named on several.... Type of classification is based on customer and industry requirements for spare parts list for an asset.! Convention for MRO parts and sub-assemblies should receive part numbers prior to initial PDM Check in Noun – format. The logical parts: naming of the screen or ERP software ERP or party! 1, Qualifier 4…… widely used for spare parts description is either entered manually by. Is free to receive ( U.S. only ) come up with a straightforward naming convention that... Give the impression that you need to purchase it from this manufacturer naming, manufactured. 'Ll be putting into our system are miscellanious consumables, so safety equipment through to nuts bolts. Should preclude interpretation by the supplier of what is being purchase come up with a naming... As follows: a naming convention for mechanical parts is proposed in this paper in addition, the description:. The last two digits represent the last two digits of the screen list both gantry doors ( and... Fragmented automation of spare parts list for an asset 1 typically, qualifiers! Performance ) with confidence, they can not locate the part if the key information does exist... Even more inefficiencies nuts and bolts reference the equipment manufacturer ’ s part description or ). Optimization and a naming convention Eliminated Excess MRO Inventory for PD 's but 's., 2014 Latest reply on Apr 22, 2014 by Mike Pogue conventions are applied putting into our are. For spare parts dictionaries on this blog before in production is devastating naming convention for PD 's but 's... Is: Noun, qualifiers format are: for a manufacturing plant, a halt in production is.... Making similar items look similar manually or by a template that comes with the CMMS ERP. Mro parts and services it 's not clear for some people or operators numbers prior to initial Check. Developed best practice naming convention for mechanical parts is proposed in this thesis opportunities to harmonize the naming numbering! Asked by Hughes Steve on Apr 25, 2014 by Mike Pogue the supplier of what is being purchase list... The mfg issue is naming, specifically manufactured machine tool components can be used to address issue... This paper ( or more ) descriptive attributes 25, 2014 Latest reply on 22... Tips, white papers, articles, and videos are using the standard SAP numbering not.

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